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Fun Facts About Electric Cars

Close Up Of Hand Holding Power Cable For electric car

Are you eager to upgrade from your gas-powered vehicle to a model that’s more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly? While electric vehicles are growing in popularity, you may not be familiar with the full scope of perks and capabilities that EVs have to offer you in Raleigh. Keep reading to discover some fun facts about electric cars. Then, explore our online inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles to find an EV that suits your needs. 

The First EV Was Manufactured in 1884

While some Durham drivers may be under the impression that EVs are brand-new inventions, the first EV was actually manufactured in 1884! The very first electric vehicle was built by London-based innovator, Thomas Park.

EVs Include Cars, Transit Buses, Trucks, & More!

EVs come in a multitude of body styles. In addition to electric sedans and SUVs, there are also electric buses, pickup trucks, and semi-trucks. Electric trucks are not only more fuel-efficient than diesel trucks, but they’re also still capable of delivering robust performances. 

Charge Your Vehicle at Home, Work, or the Store

If you’re worried about the availability of EV charging stations, there’s no need to be! In addition to the increasing number of public charging stations, you can also install an at-home charging station in your garage! Whether you’re staying home for the weekend, going to the grocery store, or going to the mall, you can charge your EV just about anywhere. 

There Are Five Categories of Electric Vehicles

You may be familiar with battery EVs, plug-in vehicles, and hybrid vehicles, but there are five different categories of electric vehicles:

  1. Battery EVs are powered by electric motors and batteries. They can be recharged via power “on the grid” or they can be recharged via renewable sources like wind and solar power. Their mileage range is usually 200-300 miles per full charge. 
  2. Plug-In Hybrids utilize rechargeable batteries, electric motors, and internal combustion engines. On electric mode, their mileage range is 15-40 miles per charge. 
  3. Hybrid EVs use small electric batteries and internal combustion engines. Their batteries are charged by the engines or through regenerative braking.
  4. Extended-Range EVs use rechargeable batteries and internal combustion engines. Their batteries are charged by engines or power grids.
  5. Neighborhood EVs use batteries that are recharged from a 120-volt grid. You can drive a neighborhood EV at a maximum speed of 30 mph. 

Learn More About Electric Car Facts With Hendrick Kia of Cary!

Now that you know these facts about electric cars, discover some of the benefits of EVs and find out how to prepare your home for an EV. If you have any questions about electric vehicles, or you need assistance with finding the right EV for your lifestyle in Apex, reach out to us at (833) 756-7614 today!


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