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Compare Hybrid vs. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

If you’re searching for a greener way to travel around Raleigh, you may be wondering, is there a difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars? The new Kia lineup at Hendrick Kia of Cary includes both hybrid and plug-in hybrids, and there are some key distinctions to make between them. We’ll explain these differences below, as well as some unique benefits of hybrid vs. plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Difference Between Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid

How Does a Hybrid Vehicle Work?

The conventional hybrid vehicles you’ve seen around Durham for many years now combine gas and electric power to run. While driving, the gas engine actively charges the battery that provides the electric power in a hybrid vehicle.

How Does a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Work?

The battery that provides electric power in a plug-in hybrid is larger than the battery found in conventional hybrid cars. Instead of being charged while you drive, the battery is charged by plugging the vehicle into a 120-volt household-style outlet or a 240-volt electric car charger, hence the name “plug-in hybrid.” Unlike hybrid vehicles which combine gas and electric at all times, a plug-in hybrid car is capable of running on pure electric power for a certain range. Once it runs out of electric range, it switches automatically to gas power.

Hybrid Benefits

Driving a hybrid car won’t feel much different from driving a gas-powered car, providing a level of confidence and familiarity that some Cary drivers prefer. You’ll be driving on gas and electric power at the same time, all the time, and there’s no need to remember to charge the battery. You’ll enjoy a serious uptick in fuel economy without having to think much about it!

When you secure the keys to a hybrid vehicle, you can increase your gas mileage while decreasing your carbon footprint! Hybrid vehicles generate lower tailpipe emissions than traditional gas-powered vehicles, which is a major reason why more Apex commuters are making the switch.

If you’re on a budget, traditional hybrid cars will tend to cost less than plug-in hybrid vehicles due to the smaller battery and lack of charging port on the vehicle.

Plug-In Hybrid Benefits

If efficiency and fuel savings are your main concern while comparing hybrid vs. plug-in hybrid cars, you might be better served by a plug-in hybrid. The fuel savings are more significant because the plug-in hybrid can run solely on electric power for a certain number of miles. That means when you’re doing quick trips around town to run errands, you can probably do it on electric power alone and use little to no gas.

You can plug in a plug-in hybrid at home overnight, replenishing the electric power you used that day quickly and easily. If most of your driving is done around town or you don’t have a long commute, you could potentially go the entire week on electric power alone (provided you plug in every night) and only use gas for those longer weekend trips to visit family or take a quick vacation.

Compare Hybrid vs. Plug-In Hybrid Kia Models in Cary

With a better understanding of the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, are you feeling better prepared to make a decision? You can compare Kia hybrid vs. plug-in hybrid models at Hendrick Kia of Cary! Contact us or stop by our showroom to see and test drive vehicles like the Niro and Niro Plug-In.

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