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Can I Sell a Car Without a Title?

Excited Couple Reviewing Trade in Offer with Salesman

Let’s say you want to sell a car without a title on hand. Is that possible, and what do you need to do? The short answer is that no, you can’t sell a car without a title. But, if you find yourself in this tricky situation, Hendrick Kia of Cary is here with some help of what you can do. Learn all about your options, and be sure to get in touch with our finance experts in Cary for in-person assistance!

Why Can’t I Sell a Car Without a Title?

The certificate of title declares the legal ownership of the vehicle. This paperwork is necessary to get the vehicle on the roads of Raleigh and Durham in the first place. Not only does it prove that you have the current ownership of your vehicle and are legally able to sell it, but it proves that your buyer has full ownership of the vehicle after the sale.

How to Sell a Car Without a Title – Options for Moving Forward

So, you can’t sell a car without the title in Apex. What’s next? You have a few options to explore:

  • Visit the DMV: Your local chapter of the Department of Motor Vehicles will help you sort everything out. You’ll need to get in touch with them to see what documents you’ll need to prove your ownership.
  • Request DuplicateTitle: Many locations allow you to request a duplicate title online with a simple application. This typically requires a fee, but it’s well worth it if you’re getting ready to sell.
  • Talk to Your Lender: Are you still paying off the car? Your bank is still considered the owner and lien holder, so you can get in touch with them to get a copy.
  • Title Transfer: Whether you’ve been using your parent’s old car or you inherited a vehicle from a family member, you can complete a title transfer. This may require a signature from the original owner or you’ll need proof that the current owners no longer want the car.

Learn More with Hendrick Kia of Cary

We’ve covered the basics of how to sell a car without a title, but if you still have questions, our team has answers at Hendrick Kia of Cary. Contact us if you’d like personalized recommendations based on your specific situation, and our experts would be happy to help you sell your car in Cary!


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