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How Much is a Transmission Going to Cost?

Experiencing transmission issues in Raleigh? One of your first questions will likely be “how much is a transmission?” One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that transmission costs will vary from vehicle-to-vehicle, depending on the make, model, and more. On average, the cost of a new transmission ranges from $1,800 – $3,400, before the cost of labor (usually about $500 – $1,200), taxes, and other associated costs are factored in. Searching for reliable transmission service near Durham? Visit the service center at Hendrick Kia of Cary for expert recommendations and competitive prices!

How Does the Transmission Work?

Looking for a little more insight into what your car’s transmission actually does? To keep it simple, your car needs a working transmission to produce forward motion; you should think of the transmission as being just as essential as the engine. The transmission provides a balanced distribution of power across all four tires, and when you’re shifting gears, the transmission disconnects from the engine to adjust to the selected drive position. Automatic transmissions pick up on gear shifts and automatically adjust the torque distribution as necessary to facilitate smooth acceleration when you press the gas.

How to Care for Your Transmission

Even on the low end, transmission costs are significant. The last thing you want is to be asking “how much is a transmission?” prematurely. Here are some quick tips to ensure your transmission lasts as long as possible on Apex roads:

  • Inspect the Transmission Fluid: Transmission issues frequently tie back to low or dirty transmission fluid. You should check your transmission fluid at least once per month, or have it regularly inspected at your preferred service facility.
  • Keep Up With Transmission Service: Transmissions require service every 30,000 miles, give or take a little. Familiarize yourself with your maintenance schedule, and be diligent about scheduling transmission service at the recommended intervals.
  • Add a 2nd Filter to the Cooler Line: Transmissions are fitted with a single filter that traps dirt and debris – an important job. If you’d like, you can install an additional filter in the cooler line to perform double-duty and keep your transmission fluid cleaner.

Schedule Transmission Service in Cary

Whether you need basic transmission maintenance or to have a new transmission installed, the service team at Hendrick Kia of Cary is here to get the job done. Contact us or call us at to inquire about the transmission price for your car, or to get additional advice on caring for your transmission. We look forward to hearing from you!

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